Our Introduction to House of Eight Limbs can best be described by two words...Relentless Dedication.  In the beginning, House of Eight Limbs or H8L for short was built upon two principles: #1. The people come first. Family, Friends, Fighters, etc. Without the people this house could never have been built. No matter your walk of life everyone is welcome and will be treated as such. #2. Provide the best level of quality instruction to all. No matter your experience level from the elite pro fighter to the novice of novices. H8L strives to build a solid foundation through progressive and residual learning. Nothing beats the basics. H8L prides itself on having the mentality and understanding that once the house is entered we are here to "train with and alongside you rather than train on you."



We are the believers in a dream, who built H8L on are own dime, just for the opportunity to train, to compete and to provide quality instruction in a fun and safe atmosphere. We are defined by our ability to adapt to the needs and wants of our clientele. We are also defined by our belief structure in which: There is no hierarchy or top of the food chain mentalities here. Whether you're here for fitness, fun or fight competitions we are all one and train as one.



We will never be driven by politics and hierarchies. We will never be commercial, allowing our judgement to be clouded in favor of the dollar. We will never be driven by rank and/or status. We will never be without integrity, honor, discipline, structure and respect


Welcome to the House of Eight Limbs,


"The house that hard work built"


Arjarn Tai Bradley is the owner, founder and the head Muay Thai instructor at House of Eight Limbs. He is a multi-certified Muay Thai instructor under the USMTA (United States Muay Thai Association), TBA (Thai Boxing Association), UWMTA (United World Muay Thai Association), MTIA (Muay Thai International Association), and ICMTT (International Council of Muay Thai Trainers).


He has trained and studied Muay Thai extensively throughout the United States and Thailand. Arjarn Tai Bradley is also a certified fitness instructor in Boxing Fitness, Muay Thai Fitness as well as being a certified Kickboxing fitness instructor. Arjarn Tai Bradley has been studying, training and competing in combat related sports and martial arts since the age of 5. He has competed in Boxing, Muay Thai, Full contact Karate (Kyokushinkai), Taekwondo, Wrestling, MMA and Kickboxing on an amateur level. He is very passionate about training and coaching. He routinely takes trips to Thailand to learn new skills and to continue his education. Arjarn Tai Bradley takes a realistic and applicable approach to teaching/coaching. He is extremely passionate in his teaching, providing exceptional, technical instruction in Muay Thai. One of his goals is to build a strong lineage of teachers/coaches to one day see Muay Thai as an Olympic Sport.